HILLTOP RECOVERY MINISTRIES wants to assist young women in finding the necessary tools to live a life free from bondage and to be self-supportive. While working with young women where they are we hope to help them realize their God-given talents. Our goal is to offer a healthy way of life, centered around faith, hope & love.  Hilltop is a Christ-Centered, Solution-Based program where true change can become a reality.

Our Prayer

Deliver me and save me from these dark powers who speak nothing but lies. Their words are pure deceit and you can't trust anything they say. Deliver us! Then our homes will be happy. Our sons will grow up as strong, sturdy men and our daughters with graceful beauty, royally fashioned as for a palace. Psalms 144: 11 & 12 (TPT)

​​Our Vision

To equip women with the tools to live free from destructive lifestyles and encourage them to move forward on the path toward permanent change...as they discover their gifts and talents that GOD provides.

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Our Mission

Our doors are open to women 18-25 years old in crisis, regardless of the struggles in their lives. We know that true, life-long recovery comes from God.