Hilltop Recovery Ministries was founded in 2012 in Kaufman, Texas with over 80 years combined recovery experience. 

Our advocates have helped women learn how to live without using drugs and/or alcohol, develop coping skills from trauma, (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual abuse or domestic violence. 

In 2019 HRM was relocated to Belton, Texas which is located along the I-35 corridor in the heart of what is known as the "Texas Triangle". Creating an influx of young, transient women who need HRM's services and support. 

Lanell Campbell



Our History

September 10th 2019

Our Founders Terri and Bill Sullivan, after a lot of prayer have made the decision to retire from the ministry. We are so very thankful for their service and for all of their time dedicated to Hilltop Recovery Ministries.  

Our new Director, Tanya Croft has a Bachelor in Human Service, currently working towards her Master's in Social Work but most importantly has a heart for young women.

Thomas Stidham


Our Vision

February 4th 2020

We are super excited to announce that starting February 4th 2020 each Tuesday and Thursday we will be at Impact Temple . The address is 306 E. Adams Ave. Temple, Tx. 76501. Join us from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. 

Hilltop Recovery

Our Mission

Phone: 254-239-7623

Our doors are open to women 18-25 years old in crisis, regardless of the struggles in their lives. We know that true, life-long recovery comes from God. 

The Need

To equip women with the tools to live free from destructive lifestyles and encourage them to move forward on the path toward permanent they discover their gifts and talents that GOD provides.

Shanna Grote


Tanya Croft 

Executive Director

October 1st 2019

After years of serving women in Kaufman, Texas Hilltop Recovery Ministries, will be relocating to Belton, Texas. We will continue to serve young women in addiction as we broaden our services to include homelessness, sex-exploitation and trafficking survivors, as well domestic violence, re-entry from incarceration. 

Many of the women who we help are; sex-trafficking victims have experienced homelessness or are suffering from a drug/alcohol addiction. 

Sex-Trafficking in Texas 

Sex-trafficking still exists in America. In fact, a report from the Statewide Human Trafficking Mapping Project of Texas, stated that in 2016 there were 300,000 sex trafficking victims in Texas alone. Of these 70,000 were minors. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a devastating condition involving compulsive use, cravings to obtain drugs or alcohol, and dysfunctional, self-defeating behavior. It destroys the individual as well as whole families… and even kills. It opens the door to a higher risk of crime, sexual behaviors, and other demoralizing activities.


Additionally according to a study that Chaplin Hall did in 2017, one in 10 youth will experience homelessness between the age of 18-25. Homeless youth are at a higher risk for developing a drug/alcohol addiction or falling into sex-trafficking.