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The Need

Phone: 254-239-7623

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Many of the women that we help have or are currently experiencing sex-trafficking, homelessness or drug and alcohol addiction. 

Today more women are suffering and in need of help from at least one of these factors then many would like to admit. To read more about the need you can go to our "About" page.

If you are a women who is seeking assitence please contact us 

Let us know if you, or anyone you know, is in need of help.

P.O. Box 1635 Belton, Tx 76513 United States
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Hilltop Recovery

At Hilltop Ministries we assist young women in finding the necessary tools to live a life free from bondage and to be self-supportive. 

​ Our goal is to offer a healthy way of life, centered around faith, hope & love. Hilltop is a Christ-Centered, Solution-Based program where true change can become a reality.

We exist to empower women to live in freedom.  

Learn how we're making an impact in the Belton/Temple area.

We are always seeking individual's who are willing to volunteer their time to help women grow and flourish in the life that God has given them. 

If you are interested in volunteering please click the link below to get started right away! 

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It is our passion to come alongside women between the age of 18-25 in the Belton/Temple area who are facing struggles such as homelessness or who have experienced some sort of sexual exploitation. 

It is our belief that with the needed support and guidence we can prevent women from living in both physical and spiritual bondage.