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At Hilltop, we take our volunteers seriously and appreciate the hard work put into each project! From the volunteer staff of mentors, teachers, fundraisers, and organizers, each fulfills a unique and necessary role in the ministry and positively impacts our clients who we assist.  Together, we can provide long-term solutions to deep-rooted problems. Our communities our profoundly changed one person at a time.

Who can volunteer?

YOU can join forces with us if you have a desire to help make a difference in young women's lives.

What can I do?

We need your help for many areas within the ministry. Do you have a special talent, skill or gift that you may want to share? Do you have a love for the next generation? Do you have a love for Christ with a desire to share His grace?  Let's talk and find a place for YOU to serve! 

How do I become a volunteer?

Request an application, e-mail us or simply call and talk to our office manager. E-mail:

or call: 254-239-7623. All calls will be returned within 24 hours should you need to leave a message. 

When can I start?

When your application and interview process is reviewed and orientation is complete. 

Please note: This is an unpaid position that provides general opportunities to those that qualify and are interested in contributing to Hilltop Recovery Ministries.