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Homelessness in Texas

  • Over 300 homeless youth 18-25 on any given night in Texas.
  • A history of running away from home
  • A history of abuse
  • Involvement of the Welfare system

Risk Factors

for those we assist


After their first experience of exploitation, victims of child sex trafficking spend about 35% of their lives in circumstances of exploitation.  About 33% of victims of sex trafficking in this study were victimized in the past year. 

Of those who have experienced sex trafficking victimization, 83% have also experienced some other form of exploitation.

About 45% of those who experienced other forms of exploitation, experienced those situations in the past year.  

Just under a quarter (22.9%) of vulnerable youth in the study who were not sex trafficking victims endured some form of violence or exploitation, like wage theft or non-sexual abuse.

Human Trafficking in Texas

  • 466 youth surveyed for human trafficking
  •  25% of LGBTQ
  • 18% heterosexual females
  • 7% males
  • Around 73% of individuals who had experienced sex trafficking also engaged in un-coerced survival sex at some point during their lives.